Ricky Trappen’s fitness

Fitness is not just a way to make a living for Ricky Trappen. It’s a way of life.  The 26-year-old Fargo man has been going to the gym and lifting weights since he was 14, and now serves as the district manager of personal training for Anytime Fitness.   “I started in school for engineering and ended up working in a gym. While there I helped someone go from 240 pounds to 170 and I thought it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done,” Trappen said. “I transferred from engineering in Wahpeton to exercise science at North Dakota State University and I’ve never looked back.”  Trappen stresses to clients the importance of cardio, strength training and nutrition.  “Any good fitness program will include all three of these things,” he said. “The most joy I can get other than people getting into shape is the time in the gym I get 100 percent by myself.”  Trappen has competed in body building, racing and power lifting.  “The gym’s always been one of those places where I’ve felt extremely comfortable,” he said. “It’s just you and the weights. There’s something about that I’ve always loved.” Carrie Snyder / The Forum