Karla Grant

When browsing through shops, Karla Grant is looking for socks. The socks are not for her feet but for her craft. The West Fargo woman has rediscovered the art of making sock monkeys after taking a break for 35 years. “I made them for kids when they turned 1 (year old) and made clothes for them,” Grant said. “Last summer, I saw a sock monkey made out of nice socks, and that’s how I got the idea to do seasonal ones.” Being a crafty person, Grant decided to take the pattern for

the original Red Heel Sock Monkey and make personalized monkeys, giving each monkey a unique name.

“I thought it would add to the charm,” Grant said. Grant mostly makes the sock monkeys for family and friends with hopes to start selling them. But for now, it keeps her busy. “I can’t just sit and watch TV.

I like to have something to do,” Grant said. “I don’t like to waste that time.”