Jesse Hoorelbeke’s passion

Baseball is more than batting and fielding for RedHawks’ first baseman Jesse Hoorelbeke. It’s another reason to take photographs. The 32-year-old from Los Angeles can be seen in the dugout at Newman Outdoor Field with a Nikon in his hand. "My camera bag is my other piece of equipment that I bring out," he said. Hoorelbeke, who has been playing professional baseball for nine years, developed a new passion for photography a few years ago. He loves to capture the candid side of baseball during the season, documenting the emotions of players from the dugout. During the off-season, he shoots weddings, engagements and family photos. He hopes to one day open his own studio, shooting under the name J. Alan Paul Photography. "My first love is playing baseball, but as I get older, I realize baseball is not forever," Hoorelbeke said. "As I leave the passion of baseball, I’ll replace it with another one." Carrie Snyder / The Forum


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