Betty Jensen’s races

Betty Jensen can’t seem to get enough of racing. She has been involved both on and off the track at the Buffalo River Race Park in Glyndon, Minn. for several years. "I lived too close to the track," she said. "I started going to the races and then I said, ‘I could do this.’" For six years, the Glyndon woman raced cars, but as a widow with two young boys she had to give it up because racing became too expensive. But Jensen wouldn’t let money keep her away from the track. "I figured well, I can’t race; how about working at the track to still be involved?", she said. Jensen can usually be found working in the pit area of Buffalo River Race Park. "I sign the drivers in for two hours, and then I go down and sit in my stand and let drivers know when to go on and off the track," she said. Jensen isn’t in her stand alone though. Her Basenji dog, Daisy, tags along to the race track and sits in the stand with her. "She goes with me everywhere. She’s a spoiled brat," Jensen said. In the meantime, her son, Charles, has taken over the racing role in the family. You’ll find him in car No. 77 during the midwest modifieds races. Although she is no longer the racer in the family, Jensen is just happy to be around the track. "It’s just a way of saying I’m involved in racing," Jensen said. "I may not be on the track but I can still have contact with everybody." Carrie Snyder / The Forum