Tomas Morin’s beans

Tomas Morin, 63, hoes a bean field east of Dilworth for two farming brothers. "I’ve worked for these guys for a long, long time. They know me pretty well," Morin says. He drives each July from his home in McAllen, Texas, to work these farms. "I have a job because they’ve known me so long," Morin says, though not all laborers are as lucky. The increased use of chemical sprays has decreased demand for field labor and Morin says there is not enough work for all the migrant workers who came this year. Yet Morin will work every day the weather permits. He does whatever work in necessary until the harvest when he will drive trucks to bring in the crops. "There’s always something for me to do. They want to keep me here until the harvest," Morin says. "I stay as long as I can and then I go back," Morin says, returning to McAllen each October to drive a school bus.
Michael Vosburg / Forum photo editor