Judy Beach’s ballpark

Judy Beach doesn’t miss much baseball from her seat at Newman Outdoor Field. As a Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks fan, she has owned season tickets for all but one year of the the team’s 14-year existence. "The first year I sat all over to see where I wanted to sit," said Beach who decided on her seat in section C, row 20, seat 17. "I can look right down the foul line, there’s no steps and I like the view from here." The devoted RedHawks supporter can usually be found wearing her RedHawks gear while keeping score and listening to the game over the radio from her seat at the RedHawks games. "It keeps me in the game," said Beach. "I learned (how to score) from my dad many years ago." Fans can usually go to Beach with questions about current and past players as Beach only misses about five games a season. Beach’s favorite player to watch this year may be Jeremiah Piepkorn but a couple different players take over as her favorites out of all the RedHawks seasons. "Out of all the years? Richard Austin and Joe Mathis (are my favorites) because of their personalities and they’re good ballplayers," said Beach. Carrie Snyder / The Forum