Katie Iverson’s smile

Five-year-old Katie Iverson flashes a big smile as she sits in the pilot’s seat of a 1941 Interstate Cadet single-engine airplane during her first visit to the Fargo Air Museum last week. "When you move the stick, the wings go up and down," said the excited Fargo girl during a field trip to the museum from her YMCA Child Care program. The plane, owned and flown by pilot Kent Pietsch of Minot, lands on a moving truck in his air show act. The bright yellow plane is decorated with giant pictures of colorful Jelly Belly candies, his sponsor. "I like the jelly beans on it," says Katie. "The pink ones are my favorite," she adds with a smile reflecting the smile on "Duggy", the big yellow DC-3 plane in the background.It was also her first time in an airplane. She said she doesn’t want to be a pilot, but she’s looking forward to her first flight. She says she’s also looking forward to attending kindergarten classes next fall at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Fargo.
Dave Wallis / The Forum